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AOGCC said the Kuparuk River oil pool is defined in conservation order 432D. In addition to the SMU, portions of the oil pool lie within the Kuparuk River unit, which adjoins SMU, and the Milne Point unit. About 16 miles east of Nuiqsut, the Mustang Pad sits on state lease ADL 390680, one of five leases in the SMU, which lies between the Kuparuk River and Colville River units on Alaskas North Slope. The company drilled the discovery well, North Tarn 1A, in January 2012, and confirmed it at the Mustang 1 well in February 2012. The resulting Mustang field is estimated to hold some 21.2 million proven barrels of oil in place. Mustang Holding, the entity established to hold the SMU assets, was named operator in December 2020 when the division approved a request from the working interest owners to appoint the holding company operator after Brooks Range Petroleum Corp. Alaska gas Alaska natural gas Alaska oil reserves Alaska oil tax Alaska pipeline Alberta Alternative Fuels Alyeska Pipeline Service Co. American Petroleum Institute Anadarko Arctic Ocean Arctic Power Attorney General BLM BP Beaufort Sea Begich Biodiesel Biofuel British Columbia Brooks Range Bureau of Land Management Calgary Canadian Pipelines Canadian Zinc Caspian Sea Chevron-BP Chukchi City of Anchorage Clean Air Act Coalbed Methane ConocoPhillips Cook Inlet Crude Oil Deh Cho Department of Energy Department of Environmental Conservation Department of Labor Department of Natural Resources Department of Revenue Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys Division of Mining, Land and Water Division of Oil and Gas Doyon Drilling ELF Energy Energy Information Administration Ethanol Exploration Exxon Mobil Exxon Valdez Exxonmobil Fear Factor Foothills Exploration Foothills Gas Foothills West Fort Knox Frank Murkowski Gas Pipeline Gas Price Gasification Geological Survey George Bush George W. Bush Geothermal Gold Hill Project Gov. Content has been generated with GSA Content Generator Demoversion.

Woman Working Laptop RFC 1325 FYI Q/A – for New Internet Users May 1992

A geographic information server which provides latitude,
longitude and other statistics about a city. However, a question-and-answer facility, whereby queries raised by an interested party are uploaded to the data room with the vendor’s response, is not recommended, as purchasers’ solicitors may not wish to be put on notice of other solicitors’ questions and the respective answers. For example, Firmex aims to keep the interface clean and simple so that clients are never confused when working within their data room, and users can quickly and easily find the documents they need to review. Anyone working in an M&A bargain who wanted to see applicable documents will need to reserve specific times ahead of time, and physically go to the data room. BRPC expected to drill up to 11 horizontal production wells and 10 horizontal injection wells drilled parallel with the major faults, AOGCC said, noting hydraulic fracturing would be possible in some wells to enhance reserve recovery. The commission said the anticipated peak daily injection rate for individual wells was 6,000 barrels of water and 6 million standard cubic feet of gas. Estimates of in-place and recoverable volumes for the SMU are based on audited reserves and analogous developments, the commission said, and include: 70 million barrels of original oil in place; 10-25% recovery of OOIP estimated from primary recovery, 7-17.5 million barrels; primary plus water injection (an additional 10-25% of OOIP), 7-17.5 million barrels incremental; primary plus water and lean gas injection (additional 1-5% OOIP above primary plus water injection), 0.7-3.5 million barrels incremental; and primary plus water and lean and enriched gas injection (additional 3-15% OOIP above primary plus water injection), 2.1-10.5 million barrels incremental.

Also, approximately 1,700 barrels of storm water will be removed from secondary containment on the Mustang Pad and disposed of at the ConocoPhillips Alaska CPF-1 facility. Murkowski Governor Murkowski Greenhouse Gas Greens Creek Gulf Of Mexico Haliburton Healy Clean Coal House Finance Hurricane Husky Energy Hydrate Production Imperial Oil Iran Iraq Katrina Kenai Peninsula Kuparuk Kyoto Latin America Lease Sale Liquefied Natural Gas Lisa Murkowski Low-sulfur diesel Lynden MMS Mackenzie Marathon Oil Matanuska-susitna Borough Minerals Management Service Mining News National Energy Board National Marine Fisheries Service National Petroleum Reserve-alaska Natural Gas Natural Gas Development Act Natural Gas Development Authority Natural Resources North Slope Nova Scotia OPEC Office Of Project Management And Permitting Oil News Oil Price Oil Reserves Oil Sands Oil Shale Oil Spill Oil and Gas News Osama Bin Laden PPT Palin Petroleum Price Pipeline Services Placer Dome Mine Prudhoe Bay Red Dog Regulatory Commission of Alaska Resource Development Council for Alaska Saskatchewan Saudi Oil Production Secretary of Interior Society of Petroleum Engineers Stranded Gas Ted Stevens Trans-Alaska Oil Pipeline Trans-Alaska Pipeline Tsunami U.S. ADEC ANWR AOGA AOGCC Alaska Coal Alaska Diamonds Alaska Highway Alaska Legislative Budget and Audit Committee Alaska Legislature Alaska Marine Lines Alaska Miners Association Alaska North Slope Alaska Oil and Gas Association Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission Alaska Pipeline Alaska Railroad Corp.

That production made BRPC the first small independent to go from discovery to production on the North Slope. Production from the Mustang Pads North Tarn 1A well was approximately 11,944 barrels of barrels of oil from field start-up on Oct. 30, 2019, to shut down on Nov. 27, 2019, when BRPCs financial troubles forced a shutdown. The resolution also called for the transfer of additional funds in the amount of $850,000 from the Revolving Fund “in order to responsibly carry the project in cold shutdown status through calendar year 2021.” Furthermore, the resolution said the budget and project plan can be “non-materially amended and approved” at the discretion of AIDEAs executive director, Alan Weitzner. Mustang is currently in cold shutdown. The budget includes any needed pad remediation work to maintain Mustang in cold shutdown, property taxes, and professional fees regarding the competitive sale process, AIDEA staff said in background material.

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